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2010 Everest Expedition!
The South Col with Mt. Trip!
2009-2010 Antarctica Expedition!

Vinson, South Pole, Skiing and Kiting!
2009 Everest Expedition!

The South Col- Success!
Seven Summits Quest 2008!
Follow Nicki and Scott's Seven Summits!
Carstensz!- October 2007
Just Back from West Papua!
Russia- Sept on Elbrus 2007
Summer in Russia!
Nepal- Spring 2007 Season
Awesome Spring Season in Nepal!
Muztagata 2006
Back from Northern China!

Everest Expedition
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    Mexico Volcanoes Fall 2010
    Elbrus Expeditions 2010
    Peak Lenin Expedition 2010
    Aconcagua Expeditions 2010
    Patagonia Treks 2010
    Kilimanjaro/ Safari 2010
    Vinson Massif 2010

    Everest Basecamp Trek 2010
    Nuptse Spring 2010
    Lhotse Spring 2010

    Everest Spring 2010

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    Departures with Space Available

    Elbrus- July 10, 2010- Open!
    Carstensz- This Fall- August/Sept! Stay in touch
    Aconcagua- Feb 10, 2011- Available!
    Everest- South Side April 6th, 2010- Open!
    Peak Lenin- July 27th, 2010-
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