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Scott Woolums

Guiding for over 27 years, Director of Adventures International Inc.
Scott is one of the most experienced high altitude guides in the USA!

 Starting out guiding on Alaska's Mt. McKinley in 1981, Scott has led well over 150 expeditions to the highest mountain on Earth (over 5800 meters).  He has climbed Mt. Everest by both the North and South Routes and reached the summit four times now and almost summited the "Seven Summits" four times (one summit away!), . Led 43 expeditions to Mt. McKinely, 33 to Aconcagua, 12 to Kilimanjaro, 13 to Mt. Elbrus, 5 summits of Vinson in Antarctica.... all with a perfect safety record. this is simply something no other guide with near the same experience can say in the USA. Scott has created a life around the remote regions and mountains that have been his passion all his life! Join Scott to Explore Your Planet! Time is something you will never get back, so what are you waiting for?

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