Aconcagua 2006 Reports
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Live Reports from Aconcagua!

Aconcagua Expedition 2006

Follow our reports here during our 2006 Aconcagua Expedition in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. Scott Woolums led the Aconcagua trip in early Jan to climb our now quite famous route, the Upper Vacas. Scott, John, Richard and Mike went into the Vacas Valley starting Jan 2nd. Follow their reports here!

Live from Aconcagua! Most recent reports at top!

January 2, 2006 The Upper Vacas Valley Route

A good season this year! We had some technology breakdowns so no live reports from Aconcagua. We did have a super good trip though into the Upper Vacas Valley. A place I really love visiting! It is such a remarkably different way to experience Aconcagua that it is the only way we go! Over 16 days this trip we all summited! Super weather (just barely as  storm was right on our heels!). We also did a few unique things this season. Climbing what I believe to be a new variation of the Upper Vacas Route. Starting from the existing Camp 1 we followed a relatively easy approach to a hidden valley just below the dramatic East face of Cerro Ameghino. This Valley I have visited before and always felt it offered a unique way to reach the Upper Vacas Camp 3 area, skipping what can be a crowded Camp zone. So with the crew fired up for something different, we headed up uncharted terrain, and it turned into a super alternative when there is other groups around (not often!). We are always in search of ways to stay away from the crowds and enjoy a true wilderness experience when out here! This is always an option for any of our groups in this area. After summiting in very good time, 9 hours round trip! We spent that evening at high camp, then the next day hiked down to Plaza de Mulas AND out to Penitientes the same day! For those that know, that's a huge day! The crew was solid! Thanks for making it another memorable trip into the Andes Mountains!

Scott Woolums Reporting.


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