Mexico Volcanoes 2004
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Live Reports from Mexico!

Mexico Volcanoes Expedition 2004

Follow our reports here during our Mexico Volcanoes Expedition this fall. John, Teall, Karen, Dan, Scott and Clark will be climbing the famous volcanoes of Mexico including Orizaba, the highest in Mexico. We will be posting reports here daily following our progress. The fun starts October 31st!

Live from Mexico! Most recent reports at top!




Teotihuacán and the Pyramids!
Nov 9th, 2004    
Yesterday we visited the amazing Pyramids in San Juan de Teotihuacán. This is a must see place if visiting central Mexico here. Some of the largest Pyramids on earth that represent early culture here in Mexico from 0-750 AD. The Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon dominate the lower courtyards and plazas. A very interesting glimpse of early civilization of the region. After a good day seeing the Pyramids were back here in Mexico City. We all went out last night to the Condessa District of the city for our farewell dinner. Always fun seeing different areas of the city. Today Teall, John and Karen are off to the airport for flights home while Clark, Dan and I will have one more day here in Mexico before flying home ourselves tomorrow morning. So that about wraps up a fantastic trip to the Mexico Volcanoes. Look for our future trips to Mexico in November and January.

Scott Woolums Reporting from Mexico City.



Bonus short video clip from near the summit!

High Winds on Orizaba!
Nov 8th, 2004    
Yesterday morning we left the Piedra Grande huts up through the famous Labyrinth to try Orizaba. Everything went very well except the extremely high winds. All night in the huts the wind rattled the roof of the hut sounding like it was going to blow off. We wanted to at least get to the glacier hoping that conditions would improve. Just short of the glacier the winds we're kicking up huge clouds of sand blown off the moraine. Simply amazing. We all could barley see as our eyes were filled with sand. This was all still in the dark as we had left the hut at 1am.

In the Labyrinth, which is a huge maze of false routes, steep rock sections and ice. We made good progress up into this but after reaching around 16,500 ft Teall decided to head back to the hut, so her husband John and our Asst. Guide Clark descended, still in the dark. That left Karen, Dan and myself to continue up into the high winds.

Upon reaching the glacier, we started up towards the summit. It was so cold in the wind that stopping for even a minute was very difficult. SO we kept moving reaching a point just below the summit. The whole way up we we're continually pelted with small ice crystals, stinging any exposed flesh. I would estimating the winds at around 50 + mph with higher gusts. Serious conditions at sea level, at 18,000 ft on 45 degree ice in subzero conditions it became serious. Karen had been getting blown around by the larger gusts and was having trouble staying balanced on her crampons. Considering everything we all made the choice to turn around at that point. Very close but not quite. Safety is primary always and getting back mandatory.

We all felt good about Orizaba, we experienced some very difficult conditions and managed to get quite high, only a few hundred feet short of the top! We'll be back!

Today we leave for the Teotihuachuan Pyramids. Should be a great day. Tomorrow flights back home. Thanks for checking out our reports!

Scott Woolums Reporting from Puebla, Mexico.


Short Video from up high on Izta!

Just Back from Iztaccihuatl!
Nov 5th, 2004    
Absolutely perfect climb this morning. Everyone reached the summit around 9am in clear weather. Yesterday we hiked up to the more remote, Ayoloco Hut at around 15,300 ft. A little cloud and later some hard hail and rain yesterday afternoon after we arrived at the hut. From the hut it took us 3 hours up to the summit via the Ayoloco Glacier, fairly straightforward cramponing up to the summit ridge.

Fantastic view of all the local volcanoes; Popo just across the way (closed to climbing due to recent volcanic activity!), Malinche, Orizaba and Tolca. We could see some steam coming out from Popo this morning, only a little.

Tonight we are staying Tlachichuca at Senior Reyes Lodge here. Really enjoyable! Tomorrow we leave to go up to the huts on Orizaba. Orizaba is the third highest peak in North America and a challenging climb. Everyone in our team has been working hard and acclimatizing well getting ready for this. Spirits are high and the energy good for our go at Orizaba. A few reports of a cold front coming our way, we'll see what happens with that!

Hi to everyone back home! We're here in Mexico having too much fun simply because someone has to, so here we are!

Scott Woolums Reporting from Tlachichuca, Mexico.



Success on Malinche!
Nov 3rd, 2004    
Excellent day yesterday as the whole team made it up El Malinche, a quite beautiful 14,800 ft volcano near Puebla. Spectacular climb up this smaller volcano here in Mexico. Everyone felt really good and now were looking towards our next objective, Iztaccihuatl which we could see this morning on our drive towards the Paso Cortez where well be tonight. Will be camping at about 12,000 ft, then tomorrow hiking into the Ayoloco Hut on the west side of Izta, then with some good weather hopefully, we hope to summit Izta on the 5th!

So far so good!

Scott Woolums Reporting.



Were all in Mexico Now!
Everyone made it in ok yesterday! Great to be here with all our bags! Yesterday evening we drove to Puebla where we are now. Always interesting driving here in Mexico! Stayed at a nice Holiday Inn in town. Puebla is huge, over 200,000 people. Today we are off to Malinche to start the acclimatization process. It will be nice staying up in the forest zone out of the traffic and smog of Mexico City and Puebla. Have yet to see the mountains. John, Teall and Karen are doing great and say hello to all! Well have more reports soon as we try Malinche tomorrow, then go to Iztaccihuatl, followed by Orizaba over the next week!

Scott Woolums Reporting



Getting Ready to Leave for Mexico!
Very excited here to be off for another adventure in Mexico! Have a great team to meet in Mexico City on the 31st of October. This is the place to check on our progress as we plan to climb three of Mexico's volcanoes. We plan to start on Malinche which is 14,600 ft or so, then onto Iztaccihuatl (over 17,000 ft.!), then onto the highest peak in Mexico, actually its the third highest in North America- Pico de Orizaba at close to 18,400 ft. Truly great team going John, Teall and Karen are back for their 4th and 5th trips with Adventures International! Guess we're doing something right! Actually we're just having fun and keeping things safe which is what being out here is all about!

Watch for our live reports here!

Scott Woolums Reporting


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