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Welcome to Adventures International!

Adventures International is owned and operated by Scott Woolums, one of the most recognized and prolific adventure guides in the USA. With over 35 years of first person adventure travel experience leading everything from remote climbing adventures to trips into the interior of Antarctica!

Adventures International Inc. was started in 1991 and has a long history of safely leading expeditions into some of the most challenging, remote and fascinating areas. This history combined with Scott's previous experiences guiding from 1981 till present allows us to say we are one of the more experienced guide services in the USA.

Most of our guests are a wide ranging, international group of adventurers, each with unique goals and levels of  support required. We craft your goals around your schedule to come up with a remarkable itinerary. We can help you with all details from handling services for private aircraft to charter service organization for larger boats to climbing Mt Everest! Really a wide ranging skill set for our guests. Unusual and challenging schedules are our forte.

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