• Scott Woolums

Quick Update from Base Camp...

We have descended to bc, not real comfortable with the short window on 23 and maybe 24. By the 25th winds again shoot up out of limits. A number of factors helped our decision to just wait till after the rush up behind the rope fixing team. Several factors have helped us make our decision to wait easier. Actually it's a very tough call, to wait and watch half of camp head up towards abc. Everyone is still counting on the fixed lines going in within the next 4 days. The Chinese fixing team still have not left bc! They are saying they could have ropes to the summit on 22nd.

We're both feeling good, actually enjoying being at base camp for a few more days, then up for May 26, 27 or 28. We should have more stable conditions, warmer, and far less crowded. It's looking like most people will try for one of two days which will be interesting. Will update when we leave camp. For now, good luck to all!

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