• Scott Woolums

Yahoo from 25,000 ft.!

Yahoo from 25,000 ft.! Have not been able to post for a few days as we have not had an internet connection, duh! But what a surprise when we arrived here at Camp 2, we have cell signal from China side! Everything is going very well. Moved up to the North Col yesterday in perfect conditions. Today again, sun and wind maybe to 20, which is good up here on the North Ridge of Everest! Can see down into Nepal, way above the clouds today, beautiful! We're about 36 hrs away from the summit at this point. The forecast looks good, wind to 25 tomorrow, then improving. Both of us are feeling good. Arrived here at 2pm and resting now. Not sure I can send a photo out with the bandwidth we have here but will try! Cheers to all, Scott!

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