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Why Adventures International?

We are offering private active luxury (and sometimes not so luxury, more gitty) adventures around the world! Simply the most thought out excursions both fully guided or accompanied.
From climbing expeditions to the seven summits to organizing sailing charters to accompanied private aircraft adventures. All to some if our planets most unique destinations! From mild family oriented to the most remote and wild expeditions.

Adventures International is owned and operated by Scott Woolums, one of the most recognized and prolific adventure guides in the USA. With over 35 years of first person adventure travel experience leading everything from climbing adventures, trips into the interior of Antarctica

Adventures International Inc. was started in 1991 and has a long history of safety leading expeditions. Into some of the most challenging, remote and fascinating areas. Actually a remarkable safety record compared to most all direct competitors. This history combined with Scott's previous experiences guiding from 1981 till present allows us to say we are one of the most experienced guide services in the USA.

Most of our guests are a wide ranging, international group of adventurers, each with unique goals and levels of comfort required. We craft your goals around your schedule to come up with a remarkable itinerary. We can help you with all details from handling services for private aircraft to charter service organization for larger boats. Really a wide range go skill set for our guests. Unusual and challenging schedules are our forte.

Scott Woolums has now been guiding adventures and expeditions for over 35 years and is one of the USA's safest and most experienced trip leaders and guides. Years and years of stories and adventures. See short resume of areas Scott has lead trips and adventures.

Just a short list of experiences.Acott has led. Multiple Private Aircraft based trekking and climbing journeys throughout South America
The Seven Summits- The core of Scott's expedition guiding. Scott has completed the seven summits 7 time to all with many, many more expeditions to some of the.other peaks. Over 35 trips to Denali, 33 trips to Aconcagua. Also leading trips now to one if the newer adventure travel goals of climbing the seven volcanoes (highest on each continent). This list could go on for ever...the vast knowledge of remote and wild detinations that Scott has accumulated is impressive. A impressive far ranging set of knowledge and skills that will be the basis of ideas for your next adventure. You can trust us to make your next holiday...extrordinary!

Flow for planning your next adventure.
1- Discussion of goals, seasons
2- Presentation of Ideas
3- Planning Dates and Details
4- Confirmation of exact itinerary and reservations. Cancellation liabilities.
5- Reconfirmation of all details. This includes close look at all safety and security options. Where we are going.

If you know more or less exactly what you want to do we can simplify things and focus directly on that goal.

We require a 10% deposit to prepare a presentation of ideas, trip planning, set aside dates that work for all. Followed by full payment due 30 days before departure.
Any of our trips can be based on expenses plus our few. That way you can be more in touch with what things cost and we will be your negotiator to assure beat prices and values.


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